ZHENAN LED Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks review

The ZHENAN LED Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks are packaged in 4 parts with flashing colors in red, green, and blue. It is constructed with extremely excellent, high-quality materials, including goose feather and other electronic components that are completely safe to use. It included LED lighting that was simple to turn on and off. Playing with them at night outside with these lighted shuttlecocks is incredibly fantastic; the pleasure doesn’t end when the sun sets. This shuttlecock has a 50-hour lifespan each one in order to keep the enjoyment going for a very long period.

The ZHENAN LED Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks



  • 100% Foam
  • Imported
  • Material: Goose feather, feather, SMD lamps, Electronic products,100% safe
  • The LED lights can be switched on and off easily
  • With these led shuttlecocks the fun is just beginning when the sun goes down
  • Approximate life span of 50 hours each to keep the fun going for a good long time
  • 4Pcs/box :1pcs Red ,1pcs Green,1pcs Blue, 1pcs Colorful flashing

HERE ARE SOME GREAT CUSTOMER REVIEWS FOR THE Zhenan 6 pack LED badminton shuttlecocks:

“I have bought these several times. They last a long time and handle teens beating them up. Only downfall definitely not waterproof. Forgot and let set up and them out..none worked next day. My fault . I’ll still keep buying them. Definitely definitely worth the money!!!”

“These will make you never want a regular one again. It’s so cool! Big hit with kids! It’s cool watching it go through the sky lighting all up. I will be buying a few extra sets.”

“I liked the durability of the shuttlecocks. They are far better than what my badmit set came with. Not a game changer but the shuttlecocks are not in different colors as shown on the advertisement.”

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