The Ultimate Yonex Mavis Shuttlecock Comparison

In this article, we will do a Yonex Mavis Shuttlecock Comparison. The shuttlecocks are noted for their high-quality manufacturing, consistency, and flying performance that is similar to that of feather shuttlecocks. We will analyze the flight quality, durability, consistency, and other distinctive aspects of each of the five Yonex Mavis synthetic shuttlecocks – the Mavis 10, 300, 350, 600, and 2000. This article will help you pick the best Yonex Mavis synthetic shuttlecock for your playing ability and style, whether you are a beginner or an expert player.

The shuttlecock is one of the most important pieces of equipment in badminton. While traditional feather shuttlecocks are still used in professional and high-level competitions, synthetic shuttlecocks are gaining popularity among casual and recreational players.

The Ultimate Yonex Mavis Shuttlecock Comparison

What are synthetic shuttlecocks?

Synthetic shuttlecocks are shuttlecocks composed of synthetic materials rather than feathers, such as plastic, nylon, or cork. They are intended to simulate the flight and trajectory of feather shuttlecocks, but are more durable and cost-effective. Synthetic shuttlecocks are extensively used in badminton games, both casual and recreational, as well as in training or practice sessions.

These shuttlecocks differ significantly from feather shuttlecocks in terms of flight, feel, and sound. Feather shuttlecocks are more fragile than synthetic shuttlecocks but have a quicker initial acceleration when hit, are heavier, and experience steadier deceleration through a parabolic flight path. Because they are less affected by changes in temperature or humidity, synthetic shuttlecocks can be more consistent in terms of flight and durability.

Pros & Cons Of Synthetic Shuttlecocks


Cost-effective: Synthetic shuttlecocks are usually less expensive than feather shuttlecocks, making them an excellent choice for players on a tight budget.

Durability: They are more durable than feather shuttlecocks and may be used for several games or practice sessions.

Consistent performance: These shuttlecocks have a more constant flight pattern because they are less impacted by fluctuations in temperature or humidity.

Easy to find: Synthetic shuttlecocks are commonly available and may be obtained in most sporting goods stores or online.


Flight characteristics: Synthetic shuttlecocks may not precisely imitate the flight and trajectory of feather shuttlecocks.

How to choose the right synthetic shuttlecock:

Playing level: Different varieties of synthetic shuttlecocks are created for different levels of play, ranging from beginner to advanced. Select a shuttlecock that corresponds to your skill level and playing level.

Court conditions: The kind of court surface, as well as the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment, can all have an impact on shuttlecock flight. Select a shuttlecock that is appropriate for the court conditions.

Playing style: Every player has a unique playing style and set of preferences. Some players may prefer a softer shuttlecock, while others may prefer a shuttlecock that is heavier and more stable in flight.

Budget: Synthetic shuttlecocks are available in a variety of price ranges, so consider your budget while selecting a shuttlecock.

Yonex Mavis Shuttlecock Comparison

Without further ado, let’s examine each of the five Yonex Mavis synthetic shuttlecocks in detail, including their flight quality, durability, and consistency. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, this guide will assist you in making an informed selection and selecting the shuttlecock that best suits your needs.

Yonex Mavis 10

The Mavis 10 shuttlecock is regarded as an entry-level shuttlecock, making it a great choice for beginners who are just learning the game and do not require the finest quality shuttlecock. The Mavis 10 is significantly less durable than the Yonex Mavis 300, but it recovers just as quickly. It has a flight pattern that is below average, which implies it does not closely mimic the flight pattern of feather shuttlecocks. It isn’t available in fast speed, which may restrict its appeal to skilled gamers.

flight rating: 6/10

durability rating: 6/10

consistency rating: 9/10

Yonex Mavis 300

The Yonex Mavis 300 is a mid-level synthetic shuttlecock that is consistent and durable. The Mavis 300 is quicker than the Mavis 350, but it has less flight quality and durability. When struck, it has a lacklustre and minimum feel, which could compromise the player’s touch and feel on the court. The Mavis 300, on the other hand, has a better consistency and is more durable than the Mavis 10. Overall, the this shuttlecock is a decent choice for intermediate players seeking for a shuttlecock that provides good value for money.

flight rating: 7/10

durability rating: 7/10

consistency rating: 10/10

Yonex Mavis 350

The Yonex Mavis 350 is a high-level synthetic shuttlecock with a flight trajectory similar to feather shuttlecocks. While the Mavis 350 does not have the same feel as feather shuttlecocks, it is close enough for advanced players to enjoy a good playing experience. The Mavis 350 boasts excellent consistency and flying quality comparable to the Mavis 2000. It is also reasonably priced for the level of quality it provides, making it a popular choice among serious players looking for a high-quality shuttlecock without breaking the bank.

flight rating:10/10

durability rating: 8/10

consistency rating: 10/10

Yonex Mavis 600

The Yonex Mavis 600 is a high-performance synthetic shuttlecock designed for serious badminton players who want the best. The Mavis 600 has wing rib technology that allows air to circulate around the shuttlecock, allowing it to recover rapidly. It has a more realistic flight trajectory than feather shuttlecocks, providing a more authentic playing experience. This shuttlecock is less robust than certain other Yonex Mavis models and may need to be replaced more frequently. This shuttlecock is an excellent choice for expert players looking for the finest flight quality and consistency.

flight rating: 10/10

durability rating: 9/10

consistency rating: 10/10

Yonex Mavis 2000

The Yonex Mavis 2000 is the most advanced synthetic shuttlecock in the Yonex Mavis lineup, and it is the closest substitute for feather shuttlecocks. The Mavis 2000 shuttlecock has wing rib technology and offers the most realistic playing experience of any Mavis shuttlecock. It is also often used in high-level competitions and tournaments. The Mavis 2000 is composed of high-quality cork for longevity and is built to handle the strains of rapid games. The Mavis 2000 is the ideal shuttlecock for professional players and serious enthusiasts who want the highest quality and performance from their shuttlecocks.

flight rating: 10/10

durability rating: 10/10

consistency rating: 10/10

In Conclusion

Each shuttlecock in the Mavis line, from the entry-level Mavis 10 to the professional-grade Mavis 2000, has its own distinct features and benefits. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, a Mavis shuttlecock may give you with a consistent, high-quality playing experience. These shuttlecocks are an excellent choice for players looking for a high-quality, consistent playing experience that won’t break the wallet. We hope this comparison chart was useful in determining the best Mavis shuttlecock for your requirements and interests!

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