Who Is The Father Of Badminton?

A boy who once dreamed of being the number one player in badminton became more than a milestone in the sport’s history. Prakash Padukone has been nicknamed the “God of Badminton,” showing extraordinary skills knocking off opponents in his unique skills and talent in the sport in his early days. The characteristic had him earning the title of the “Father of Badminton.”

Early days

Who is The Father of Badminton?

Ramesh Padukone, his father, was the secretary of the Mysore Badminton Association when Prakash was born on the 10th of June in 1955. Once he first set his foot on the Badminton court, Padukone immediately fell in love. His father was his most outstanding mentor, as he began to compete in championships at the young age of seven. Prakash Padukone learned badminton from state players at a wedding hall, where he developed his abilities.

The start of a new beginning

Who is The Father of Badminton?

He continued to train until he was 16 when his training paid him off for being the youngest player in history to win the National Senior Championship. It so happened that ever since his first win, he has made an astonishing record for having nine straight wins in a row.

Who is The Father of Badminton?

Padukone became the first-ever Indian to win the title at the All England Championship in 1980. As a result of his aggressive style of play, he was renowned and respected across the globe and was consistently ranked among the world’s top 10 players. It was 1989 when Padukone withdrew from the badminton circuit, and it was 1994 when he opened his academy in Bengaluru, where he coaches and develops emerging potential. Badminton Association of India (BAI) Chairman for a brief time.             

Who is The Father of Badminton?


Today, the Father of Badminton is 65 years old, and his name still radiates to the sport’s identity. To all aspiring badminton athletes, Padukone is an ideal player—a figure worth looking up to.

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