Vermont Procourt Combi Net offers a multi-sport fun with its three available sizes — 10ft, 20ft & 30ft. You can play tennis, badminton, pickleball, and soccer tennis with your family in the comfort of your backyard. It is also an excellent choice for clubs and schools as it offers something for everyone. Simply add or remove a ProCourt pole from either side of the combi net posts to switch between mini tennis and badminton. The ProCourt Combi Net, which is made up of several easy-to-assemble poles, has been engineered using 1mm thick powder-coated steel for complete weather-resistance. The net, which matches the posts when it comes to quality, is crafted from 6ply polyethylene and features increased strength Oxford Material banding. The high-quality 210D Oxford Material top-banding features a net tensioning strap for maximum performance.


The ProCourt’s excellent lightweight design also features easy-to-assemble steel poles, allowing you to set-up and takedown in minutes. This completely freestanding net can be used on just about any flat surface, indoors or outdoors. Whether you’re on the tennis court, in the backyard, or doing battle on the beach you can enjoy your game with the Vermont Procourt Combi Net. It also comes with a very useful heavy-duty nylon carry bag for simple storage and portability.


  • Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis & Badminton Combi Nets – 10ft, 20ft & 30ft
  • High-quality combi nets allow for mini tennis & badminton action
  • An excellent choice for sports clubs, schools & the family day out
  • Posts engineered using 1mm thick powder-coated steel for supreme durability
  • Combi Net crafted from 6ply polyethylene with oxford material banding
  • Combi Nets are completely freestanding, 100% portable & suitable for any surface
  • Carry Bag included for simple storage & portability
  • Weights: 10ft – 18lbs | 20ft – 26lbs | 30ft – 34lbs

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“Can I give more stars?!?!? This is an awesome investment. It only took 2-3 days for this to arrive. I can’t believe how fast the shipping is! I lived in Texas and this beautiful thing came from UK!!!! Absolutely awesome. As for the product itself- wow, what a great quality product this is. The poles are metal and the net feels tough.
I am not a professional and we only bought this for recreational purpose. We had the cheap kind before this which melted during our Texas summer heat. Well, this one has been the replacement and it’s a tough one so far. The look is clean and polished (not like the ones we had before that wobbles around).”


“This portable net is AWESOME! It’s sturdy, well-made, easy to set up & down, easy to move to mow, & perfectly designed. The best part is it’s moveability…it’s light enough to quickly move out of the way to mow, but sturdy enough to stay upright. The design is brilliant, the dimensions are spot-on. Plus, it takes seconds to set-up. The 2nd best part is the ease to get a taught top of the net. Other badminton models have cords to awkwardly pull & tie…frustrating. We’ve taken this on camping trips, to the beach, & constantly use it in our backyard. It was the perfect addition to our annual backyard decathlon. This ProCourt Combi net is the best outdoor fun purchase I’ve ever made!”


In sum, the Vermont ProCourt Combi Net is one that all ages can enjoy.  Whether it is for sports training purposes or good old family fun, this Combi Net is the perfect addition to any set-up.

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