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The Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is perfect for parties, camping, and family holidays. It is made of superior quality nylon to avoid tear and painted rust-resistant steel to ensure lifetime durability. The poles are also made with 50% thicker steel than the nearest competitors. With its sturdy construction, you can use it both indoors and outdoors without worries. This freestanding net is held together with an innovative bungee-cord design that allows you to set it up on any flat surface. You won’t need to untangle ropes and pound stakes into the ground. You can easily set it in your backyard, driveway, gym, and basement, and even on the beach!


Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is conveniently lightweight and foldable which comes with a carrying bag. The net packs down to 3 feet and you can load it up in the trunk of your car so you can take it to camp, family holidays, parties, and anywhere. Since all parts of the net are joined together with a bungee cord, setting up and taking down your net will only take 3 to 5 minutes. No stakes nor tools needed, even your kid can do it!

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This portable adjustable net is not only ideal for badminton, but also for a variety of other sports such as tennis, soccer tennis, pickleball, and kids’ volleyball. With an adjustable height (34-60.5 in), you can instantly transform the net from high to low. This net, however, is not ideal for serious volleyball as it is about 3ft short for regulation volleyball. The maximum height of this net is 5ft 1”, while official volleyball nets are 7ft to 8ft tall.

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Review


There are 3 width sizes for you to choose from, each is sold separately. So, make sure you pick the right size for your space. The 10-feet net weighs 8lbs, the 14-feet net weighs 9lbs and the 17-feet net weighs 10lbs.

10 feet – Half-width of standard badminton court; best for small spaces (driveways, basements); good for 1-on-1 games or games with small children.

14 feet – Great for 1-on-1 games with adults, or 1 adult and 1 child per side

17 feet – Best for 2-on-2 games and large, open spaces

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Review


Simply slide the net up and down the poles. If you don’t want the poles sticking up in the air (when the net is lowered), the side poles can be folded down in half. With the side poles folded down, the net height will be at 2ft 9″ or 33 inches.

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Review Included

Here are some great customer reviews for the Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set:

I was a bit skeptical to buy this without reviews.. but this set is turning out to be great! Unpacking and setup took about 5 minutes before we were ready to play. We set it up in our front yard and it was only a few minutes before we had neighbors over to join in the fun, instant party. When we were done, it was just as easy to put away. This is a great product that will be perfect for summer parties and family nights. I highly recommend it.

“So easy to put together I didn’t even need the instructions. Portable and sturdy.”

“This is but far the best portable net I’ve ever purchased.
It’s portable, easy to carry and tough against the winds. Very good design, even the bag that comes with it is designed well…”

In sum, The Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is an innovative, durable, and affordable sports net which is perfect for your friendly games.

You can even use the Boulder volleyball net as a pool volleyball net.

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