Victor Jetspeed S-12 II Badminton Racket Review

Are you looking for a high-quality badminton racquet to help you improve your game? Consider the Victor Jetspeed S-12 II Badminton Racket. This racquet is intended for intermediate to advanced players searching for a top-tier alternative with exceptional control, power, and speed.

The S-12 II is a leading challenger in the world of badminton racquets, thanks to innovations like Aero Sword technology, Pyrofil, and FREE CORE synthetic handle technology. In this blog article, we’ll look at what makes this racquet so unique, such as its unique features, advantages and downsides, and overall performance on the court.


Victor Jetspeed S-12 II Badminton Racket

The Victor Jetspeed S-12 II Badminton Racket is a high-quality badminton racquet intended to offer you a competitive advantage on the court. It’s a terrific choice for intermediate to expert players searching for a racquet with superb control, power, and speed.



High Modulus Graphite

The frame of the S-12 II is one of its most notable features. It’s built of High Modulus Graphite, a high-quality material that’s lightweight, sturdy, and rigid. This increases the racquet’s stability and helps to lessen vibrations when you hit the shuttlecock, making your shots more precise and forceful.


Aero Sword

The S-12 II’s stringing mechanism is another outstanding feature. It employs Aero-Sword technology, which is intended to minimize air resistance and enhance swing speed. This means you’ll be able to smash faster shots with less effort, giving you a significant advantage on the court.

It does this by employing an aerodynamic frame form that is smaller and more streamlined, allowing the racquet to flow more readily through the air.

Aero Sword technology also improves the sweet spot of the racquet, making it simpler to smash precise strokes with greater force and control.



Pyrofil is a kind of carbon fiber material utilized in the racquet’s frame manufacturing. It is a high-performance material with excellent strength, durability, and stiffness. Pyrofil also contributes to the racquet’s stability and power. Its rigidity enables more effective energy transmission from your swing to the shuttlecock, resulting in stronger strokes.

A lighter racquet can also assist you increase your court speed and mobility, giving you an advantage over your opponent.

The S-12 II also features a head-heavy weight distribution, which means that the weight is spread towards the head of the frame, which provides greater power for smashes but may sacrifice some agility.


FREE CORE synthetic handle

The FREE CORE technology is a characteristic of the racquet’s handle. It’s a synthetic material that’s meant to be more comfortable, long-lasting, and lightweight than traditional handle materials like wood or metal.
FREE CORE is designed to lessen the amount of vibration transferred through the handle and into your hand when you strike the shuttlecock. This can assist to minimize tiredness while also improving control and accuracy. The rough surface improves your grip and reduces the likelihood of sweating and becoming slippery.


Ultra thin frame

The Victor JetSpeed S12 Badminton Racket boasts an ultra-thin frame that reduces air resistance and improves agility. It can assist you enhance your ability to rapidly handle your racket and respond to fast-paced strokes.

Victor Jetspeed S-12 II Badminton Racket



    • High-quality construction using durable materials like Ultra High Modulus Graphite and Pyrofil.

    • Features Aero Sword technology for increased swing speed and reduced air resistance.

    • FREE CORE synthetic handle technology for improved comfort and grip.

    • Well-balanced weight distribution for easy maneuverability and control.
    • Larger sweet spot and increased power for more accurate and powerful shots.


    • May not be suitable for beginners or players who prefer a lighter racquet.

    • Head-heavy design may sacrifice some maneuverability.
    • Relatively high price point.


In Conclusion

The Victor Jetspeed S-12 II Badminton Racquet is a superb choice for intermediate to advanced players, both singles and doubles, who want a high-quality racquet with exceptional control, power, and speed. If it describes you, then you should absolutely give it a shot!


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