BSN Badminton Racquet Prism Pack comes in a set of six colorful Twin 200 Badminton Racquets. Each player gets to choose from yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, and red. This pack is ideal for badminton clubs, leagues or gym classes. If you are a coach, gym teacher or a fitness instructor, you will be able to teach the fundamentals of badminton with these racquets. Physical Education instructors can use these rainbow colored racquets to get students motivated to play badminton whether indoors or outdoors. Parents also like this set for easy backyard family fun.

The vinyl polyurethane grip of these racquets gives players a firm hold so you can serve, volley and smash the shuttlecock with confidence. The frame is constructed of sturdy, yet lightweight steel that can take strong volleys from kids and even adults. The durable steel head and twin shaft enable each racquet to withstand intense practices and competitive singles and doubles matches. They also help support greater momentum for the server and the defensive players. As to the size, these top quality BSN Badminton Prism racquets are just the right size for everyone.

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bsn badminton racquet prism pack


  • Steel head with a twin shaft holds up to rigorous play
  • Vinyl polyurethane grip delivers a firm, confident hold while athletes serve and return shots
  • Ideal for badminton clubs, leagues or gym classes
  • Set of 6 individual colors; Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Item Weight: 2.01 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 8 x 3 inches

Here are some great customer reviews for the BSN Badminton Racquet Prism Pack:

“I purchased this set awhile back as backup/replacements for a set I had just purchased from another manufacturer whose racket broke on first use. This set has worked so well, we now only use the rackets from this set. No issues so far and we play several times a week. The kids and I love the colors too. Based on the quality of the set I received, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

“Best value for this many rackets. I love the assortment of colors. The racquet heads are good enough for our amateur level of play and we have had no issues with strings breaking after frequent use over two months. As mentioned in other review, LEAVE THE PLASTIC COVERING ON THE HANDLES unless you have tape to re-wrap them because it starts slipping around on the first use. My son removed the plastic off some of them before I had a chance to warn him. I just used a good quality duct tape to re-do them, which fortunately we have on hand in a few different colors. Alternately, I recommend you order some grip tape along with the racquets.”

“These are the best racquets you can buy for the money and well worth it. A set of six is needed, because you’ll use these high quality things so much that inevitably strings will break on one or two of them. We have been using these non-stop, everyday for about three months. Only one racquet has broken a string and it was the one we used the most — mine. High quality, professional-grade. Best investment ever.”

So, play in color with the durable, lightweight and great for value BSN Badminton Racquet Prism Pack!

Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power 29 Lite is for badminton players who seek fast movement and effortless power with an easy feel. Whether you are an amateur badminton player or a seasoned participant in title competitions, adults, or children, you got the sturdiest racket option holding in your hand.

This full cover high tension pre-strung racket is engineered to excellence with due focus on tightness in strings. The racket seats the string on Round Archways that cause no string stress-load and no fatigue through contact friction. This construction creates total unity of the frame and string because they are in much closer and tighter contact. With its super tight string, you never have to worry about losing a point because of wobbly or slack going strings. A unique frame construction also integrates the frame and string like no other racket.

The round-shape head with a box-shape frame cross-section gives a unique and solid feeling. At the split-second of impact, the entire frame “receives” the full magnitude of the hit, instantly snapping the shuttlecock away with explosive power. Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power 29 Lite is also technically designed with a grip featuring an anti-slip tape to help you stick to your game plan and earn points with a comfortable and firm grip.


  • Super tight string
  • Consistent playability across the entire string bed
  • The round-shape head with box-shape frame cross section
  • Total unity of the frame and string
  • Technically designed grip with anti-slip tape
  • Outstanding face stability and durability
  • Excellent for all kinds of players


  • Product Dimensions: 28.9 x 8.1 x 0.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10.9 ounces

Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power 29

Here are some great customer reviews for the Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power 29 Lite:

“Nice for the price. I am a power player. Enjoy hitting with this. Weight and balance feels good. No issue till now. Been using since 4-5 months.”

“It is a very good product. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this kind of sport.”

“Made my badminton more fun and competitive. Super lightweight and good tension.”

With its combination of advanced construction and performance features, Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power Series is enough to win the edge over any competition.

In badminton, the most important equipment is your badminton racquet.   There are a few things you need to consider in choosing your badminton racquets, such as the weight, string tension, head balance, handgrip, the brand, and your budget. Your racquet should also match your playing skills. Choosing the most suitable racquet is the key to improving your game. However, choosing your badminton racquet can be daunting as there is such a wide range of racquets from a variety of brands to choose from. We have here the Top 5 Badminton Racquets to narrow down your choices.


  1. YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet
  2. Senston Carbon Shaft Badminton Racket
  3. LI-NING Badminton Racket XP Smash Series
  4. Fostoy Badminton Racquet
  5. Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket

Any of our Top 5 Badminton Racquets is a game changer. We hope that this post will help you make an informed choice.

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YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet


  • Nanoscience technology
  • Isometric frame technology
  • Aero-box frames
  • Built-in T-joint
  • High-tension support
  • Ultralight racquet
  • Carbon graphite shaft

These are only some of the reasons why YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet is one of our Top 5. See our full review here.


Senston Carbon Shaft Badminton Racket

Senston Carbon Shaft Badminton Racket is made of carbon aluminum that enhances the strength of the racquet and reduces the risk of frame deformation. It also features solid construction with one-piece design outside and built-in T-joint inside that improves stability and helps achieve high-precision control performance. This lightweight racquet weights 90 grams unstrung. This nylon badminton racquet is resistant to play, convenient to carry, and easy to see. It is perfect for beginners and casual entertainment.


  • High Quality
  • Made of carbon aluminum
  • Solid construction with one-piece design outside and built-in T-joint inside
  • Lightweight
  • Nylon string badminton racquet
  • For beginner and casual entertainment


“My son and I have recently become badminton savages and kept breaking less quality racquets until we decided to spend a little more to see if they could hold up to us. Well after several weeks of intense play the strings on the racquet have not moved at all (unlike the other racquets we tried, which eventually snapped). Love these new racquets as this is quality time with my 12 year old son.”

“No words for this aweome racket. I am a daily player…..this racket just surprised me. I bought a nanoray along with this thinking this wont last long….but it was thw other was round. Nanoray strings broke out in 2 months of game. This one….still holds strong. Extremely light weight and lots of control. Don’t get turned away by the price, quality doesnt mean you need to pay high price. Hat’s off senston.”


LI-NING Badminton Racket XP Smash Series

LI-NING Badminton Racket XP Smash Series is ideal for beginners and intermediate level players. It is built using a one-piece design and built-in T-joint that improves stability and flexibility, making you feel more comfortable when hitting the shuttlecock. The Micro Carbon Fiber is used to decrease the racquet’s frame weight and improve its strength and rigidity for easy control. Without strings, this badminton racquet weighs about 90 grams and only high-quality racket can up to this standard. Its shaft is made of Graphite. Together, the slim shaft and frame improve aerodynamics for high-speed performance. This badminton racquet also has a large hitting surface head and large sweet spot so you can better enjoy the game.


  • One-piece design and built-in T-joint
  • Full cover professional           
  • Made with Micro Carbon Fiber
  • Graphite carbon shaft
  • Lightweight competition racquet
  • With a large hitting surface head and large sweet spot
  • High tension
  • Fast speed performance
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate level players


“Extraordinary racket. It is just the same as described. It is an original product. No doubt about it. This is a perfect racket. Strong strings. High performance shafts. Highly advisable for beginners and other players. The packaging is also very nice and safe.”

“Totally Satified by the product. The packing by Amazon was Amazing and not expected to be that good. The cover is of great quality and has padding to protect the strings of the racquet. It is light weight and has an attractive color combo.The product came way before the expected time and is shipped from China and has Original bill so no doubt it is an authentic product. Lucky to get it at a good deal too.”


top 5 badminton racquets

Fostoy Badminton Racquet is made of a full carbon fiber frame, fiber wire, and solid wood handle. The racquet is made of good elasticity and a high-strength wire hole which can better protect the strings and then extend the longevity. This professional Carbon Fiber badminton racquet’s oval head design increases the effective area of the racket net and expands the spot of the hitting ball. As an effect, the badminton racquet can maintain good precision and speed. The grip is also designed to be comfortable for an easier turn. Its middle pole is made of full carbon that increases the racquet’s rebound and attack power. This lightweight badminton racquet set includes 2 badminton racquets, 3 shuttlecocks, 1 carrier bag, and 2 extra tapes for the handles. With Fostoy Badminton Racquet Badminton Racket, you get reliable and high-quality badminton sports equipment for on-the-go use! See full review on the Fostoy Badminton Racquet.


  • Excellent material and beautiful packaging
  • Great for players of any level
  • Perfect designed details
  • Portable badminton racquet
  • More sturdy badminton racquet
  • Professional badminton racket
  • With professional shuttlecock

Fostoy Badminton Racket


“My family have had a fun time with these racquets so far. We also picked up a pair of racquets from a competitor, and my wife and I prefer these (the kids like the others, as they are a bit lighter and longer). It is fun to play with a racquet made out of advanced materials, and I like the level of stiffness. The bag is a nice bonus, as are the extra grips. Overall, these are only several dollars more per racquet than normal entry-level alternatives, and I think they are worth it. I will update this if there are any durability issues.”

“The badminton racquets arrived timely and in very good condition. Matched with exactly what is advertised. My family members pretty much enjoying playing outdoors with these racquets. They are lightweight and sturdy and my 7year old mid also enjoying very much. Value for the money!!”


Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket

Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket comes equipped with tight string technology for maximum energy transfer at the point of contact with the shuttlecock. It features a sturdy fully carbon power frame, making it extremely light yet very responsive in your hand. The full carbon frame also allows the racket to transfer as much energy while remaining robust and allows you to increase the tension on the string strings. These features will allow you to send an accurate and precise return hit every time the shuttle comes into your court. It also features an advanced performance grip that boasts the best combination of comfort and performance, making it the perfect balance between grips designed for comfort and performance. This badminton racquet has been created for the elite players looking for high-performance durability. It is definitely a good choice for serious players.


  • Tight String Technology
  • Power Frame
  • Feather Light
  • Performance Grip
  • Weight: 84 +/- 2g
  • Balance: 294 +/- 2mm


“This is by far the nicest Badminton Racket I’ve ever used. I’ve been playing on and off for years and typically I have been using a twenty to thirty dollar racket that has been fine. This Franklin Sports Elite racket really takes things to the next level as far as it’s weight, balance, and shape. It is a pleasure to play with for an amateur like me and it’s definitely helped me improve my game.”

“To be honest, I wouldn’t have spent this much for the level of player I am, but I was offered this to review and as a casual player I thought it would be nice to give my perspective. I can confirm that it is a different game when you have a quality racket like this. I’ve really started enjoying badminton more again and so maybe the price isn’t that outrageous if this is something you are really into and want to invest in quality equipment. I apologize that I cannot give more of a professional opinion. I did go back to using a couple of my older cheap rackets after playing with this one for a while and the difference is noticeable right away. The weight difference as well as the way the shuttle reacts to the racket are immediately apparent.

Make sure to invest in some high quality shuttles, a pack of 6 will be around 10-15 dollars. I would also invest in a case for this racket, as you want to keep it in good condition when you travel with it.”

What are you waiting for? Get any of our Top 5 Badminton Racquets to make the most out of your badminton games!

YONEX-Nanoray-Light-18i-Badminton-Racquet Review

The YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet is a new and technologically advanced racquet that delivers fast handling and high repulsion, responding to high-speed rallies with lightning-fast movement. Nanoray Light 18i is the latest ultra-lightweight badminton racket that belongs to Yonex iseries which offers a lightweight racket feel to give you super-fast racket handling. It is developed with high-grade durable HM graphite material so players can put string tension up to 30 lbs. This racket has great potential as an all-around and a perfect racket for double players as it is easy to maneuver due to its weight and length.

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  • Grip Size: G4 (3.25 Inches)
  • Weight: 5U (75-79.9 grams)
  • Color: Black       
  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • String Level: 30 pounds
  • Strung Type: Strung
  • Balance Type: Head Light
  • Playing Level: All
  • Material: Graphite


  • Nanoscience technology
  • Isometric frame technology
  • Aero-box frames
  • Built-in T-joint
  • High-tension support
  • Ultralight racquet
  • Carbon graphite shaft

Yonex Nanomesh and Carbon Nanotube Material for Headlight Configuration

The Yonex Nanoray Light 18i badminton racquet is developed in Japan and made in China featuring Nano mesh with carbon nanotube which is an exclusive structural material inserted into the frame and/or shaft of the Nanoray series. This new type of material creates a mesh-type material structure that gives the players a very light but rigid badminton racket structure, a lightweight racket that helps in placing better drive shots, better racquet strength and handling, and improved repulsion power and strength.

YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet Review

Isometric Shape Instead of Oval Shape

Nanoray Light 18i is also equipped with Isometric frame technology. Isometric is a Trademark technology by YONEX which is designed to give an extended sweet spot. The isometric frame shape is designed to keep vertical and horizontal strings at a similar length to produce a sweet spot in all directions. With an Enlarged sweet spot, a player gets more opportunities to hit the shuttlecock even off-center. The isometric shape also gives better head stability.

Aero-box Frame

The Aerodynamic contouring of the top of the frame of the YONEX Nanoray Light 18i minimizes air resistance so air flows faster across the curved surface during the swing, accelerating head speed, and transferring more speed and power into hits. This construction tapers into the YONEX Box Shape midway through the frame for high stability, low-torque performance, and more accuracy.

YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet Review

Built-in T-joint

The YONEX Built-in T-Joint creates a durable and high-strength one-piece frame that is torque-free. The Built-in T-joint is moulded deep into the layers of graphite where the frame connects with the shaft.

Control Support Cap

The control support cap provides an 88% wider flat surface compared with an ordinary racquet for easier gripping, fast follow-through and the sharpest maneuverability.

YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet nanoscience

Here are some great customer reviews for the YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet:

“The product is a very very real racquet and has the hologram. It is 5u is about 75-80 the of weight. Max tension is 30 lbs. You can have great and quick shots also it eases the movement. The delivery was extremely good as well the product reached me before 2 or 3 days. Very reliable product. I just recommend everybody to try this out. It’s a no doubt a supportive product”

“I bought this racket as I’m very much concerned about the head weight, to be honest I wasn’t disappointed. This racket is best suited for beginners or intermediate players who don’t hit powerful smashes, this can be used for fast moment and for placing. String tension was just above average, I would recommend to get a new gutting with a tension as per your preference.”

In sum, the YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet will help you give extremely fast drive shots and speedy smashes so you can dominate in the game!