Senston Full Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Set Review

Hello, fellow badminton players! I’m thrilled to present you to the Senston Full Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Set, a game-changer that will elevate your badminton experience! This two-player set is ideal for pleasant matches in your garden or competitive games at the club.

Senston Full Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Set

Two complete carbon fiber badminton rackets, two randomly colored overgrips, and a fashionable badminton bag are included in the bundle. What distinguishes these rackets is their 100% complete carbon fiber construction – including frame and shaft – which makes them as light as a feather. With an unstrung weight of only 5U (75-79g), you’ll be surprised at how long you can play without experiencing shoulder fatigue, which is common with heavier rackets.

But don’t be fooled by the lightness. The strength of these rackets is amazing, especially to the complete carbon components. This implies that even after those vigorous smashing sessions, there will be less possibility of frame distortion. The rackets are securely made, with a one-piece construction on the exterior and a built-in T-joint on the inside, offering high-precision control and unrivaled power.

Senston’s designers have given close attention to every detail. The racket’s cone cover design corresponds with the theory of fluid dynamics, improving your ball control. Furthermore, the non-slip handle grip ensures comfort and avoids slipping. You can concentrate on the game rather than altering your grip!

These rackets, which are available in various color combinations of Blue + Yellow and White + Black, are not only performance instruments, but also elegant court accessories. But I have a feeling you’ll enjoy them!


Lightweight design: The rackets’ 100% complete carbon fiber design makes them very light, allowing for longer play without generating shoulder fatigue. This may be a big benefit for players of all skill levels, especially those who participate in extended games or competitions.

Solid Construction: The rackets are solidly manufactured, with a one-piece design on the outside and a built-in T-joint on the interior. This design improves the racket’s stability and strength, allowing for precise control and unrivaled power. This structure also decreases the danger of deformation, which can increase the racket’s lifespan.


Overgrips of Random colors: The bundle comprises overgrips of random colors. While this has no effect on the performance of the rackets, some customers may like to customize the color of their overgrips to fit their particular style or to differentiate their rackets from others during play.

Potential Learning Curve: Due to the lightweight design and robust construction of these rackets, players accustomed to heavier rackets or ones with different balance points may require a learning time. Some players may require some time to get used to the feel and control of these rackets.

Keep in mind that the advantages and disadvantages might be subjective and rely on personal choice and playing style. When selecting a badminton racket set, it is usually a good idea to examine your unique demands and preferences.

Overall, the Senston Full Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Set is a worthwhile buy for anyone who enjoys badminton. In one elegant design, it blends flair, strength, and an astonishing degree of control. Remember that the Senston team is always there to assist you if you require it.

So, why wait? Get this great set from Amazon right now. Let’s take this game to the next level!

Have a great time playing!

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