Sanung Badminton Net Review

This Sanung portable badminton net is worthwhile to attempt if you’re seeking for a tool and accessory for home amusement! You may create a sports field in your yard at any time because to its lightweight, folding design and easy installation, allowing you and your family to fully enjoy sports.


Sanung Badminton Net Review



  • Stronger Material for Durability: Compared with ordinary materials that are easily damaged by the sun and rain, our badminton nets are made of thicker polyester material, which greatly improves the wear resistance and durability of the badminton nets, thus extending the service life.
  • Exquisite Four-Sided Edging Processing: The four sides of our badminton net are covered with high-quality canvas fabric, which can effectively prevent the problem of loose thread during use and ensure the durability of the badminton net.
  • Easy Installation: The four corners of this badminton net are equipped with metal eyelets. You only need to pass the four drawstrings provided through the holes to fix the net. The function of the drawstring is to straighten the four sides of the net, and then fix the drawstring on the badminton net racket.
  • Suitable for Any Weather: Since we have upgraded the material of the badminton net replacement, it can adapt to different weathers such as sunny, rainy, snowy, etc. The badminton net can be used indoors and outdoors, and it is very flexible and convenient to use.
  • Accessories for Home Entertainment: This standard badminton net is very simple to use and install, it can quickly help you build a place for entertainment and sports with your family and friends, you can install it in your yard and play a badminton game anytime, anywhere.



Sport TypeBadminton
Item Dimensions LxWxH8.66 x 2.48 x 4.72 inches


“In the short time that I’ve had the product, it seems as though it will be reasonably sturdy. The weight of the net seems to be solid yet it lightweight enough to easily put up, take down and transport. The carrying case is also remarkably convenient. There are some small concerning issues right out of the bag; some of the twine is slightly unraveled, the white border tape has a few creases from transport that have yet to smooth out completely and the drawstring ends are already fraying. It’s too soon to say if these will result in long term issues, but so far I’m satisfied!”

“Great badminton net for the price! Quality looks good, looks fairly well made. Very lightweight, but feels very strong. Easy to setup with the drawstrings and tension is ok, could be better with better line. Rolls up easily and packs in the included storage bag if needed to take on the go. Cheap enough to be replaced when needed. Good net, good visibility, hole size is just right so the birdies don’t get stuck.”

“This net is leagues above the quality you normally get in a badminton set. Even though we have upgraded our racquets, we’re still using the same crummy old nets. I am super impressed with the quality of this net; the binding is vey sturdy and sewn nicely, the grommets are snug, the guy cords are thick, and the bottom binding is not just a strip of plastic that is going to rot out after a season in the sun. The color of the netting is nice and subtle and doesn’t make you go cross-eyed when you play close to the net in doubles as a light colored net does. I wish the seller had not stated that it was suitable for volleyball, as it is sized for badminton and, at 20′ wide, would be way too short to go across a regulation volleyball court. Highly recommend this net.”


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