How did Badminton get its name?

The game of rackets and shuttlecocks. Badminton is a unique sport that is very fun and exciting to play. Rules are straightforward. While within the court’s limits, the shuttlecock must be able to flit between the opponents without hitting the ground. However, beyond the nets and rackets bear interesting facts about the sport. Ever wonder, when and how did badminton get its name? Let’s take it down memory lane.

5th Century BC

How Did Badminton Get Its Name?

The sport called “ti jian zi” was played in China around the 5th century BC. From this term, ‘ti jian zi’, comes the phrase “kick the shuttle.” Keeping the shuttle from hitting the ground without using your hands is the goal of the game, as the name suggests. Although some might argue that the sport does not have anything to do with Badminton, it was the first sport that involves a shuttle.

Five Centuries Later

How Did Badminton Get Its Name?

A sport called “Battledore and Shuttlecock” emerged five centuries later and was played in Japan, China, Greece, and India. The game involves a shuttlecock that you have to knock back and forth with a paddle or the Battledore. It has been played in the 16th century and is a famous pastime for youngsters. Additionally, Battledore and Shuttlecock are called jeu de volant in Europe. 


How Did Badminton Get Its Name?

A game entitled “Poona” emerged in India in the 1860s, with rules similar to Battledore and Shuttlecock. The only difference was the former utilized a net in the middle. People learned the sport, including the British army, which took the culture and sport back to their country land in the 1870s.

1873: The Name Establishment

How Did Badminton Get Its Name?

The Duke of Beaufort had a lawn party in his place in 1873, in which the game Poona was played. It became popular and sparked fun in the British society’s elite. The party sport, ever since, was known as “the Badminton game.” 


How Did Badminton Get Its Name?

Badminton had most of the people become interested that the Bath Badminton Club was formed, from which the sport then established its first-ever set of rules. There’s a connection between the word “badminton” and Badminton House, the Duke of Beaufort’s estate in Gloucestershire, England. As a result of this game being reintroduced and promoted in this home, it was decided to call it Badminton. The International Badminton Federation is presently based in Gloucestershire.

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