About the Dunlop Z-Star Power 88 badminton racquet

The Dunlop Z-Star Power 88 badminton racquet is a high-end model that has the new Miyazaki shaft produced in Japan with Sonic Core VG technology. This type is intended for the most talented competitors. The extra-long shaft enables for more powerful and rigid strokes.

Dunlop Z-Star Power 88



This badminton racket is ideal for attacking players who desire a lot of power. The racket has a sturdy, stiff shaft and a heavy-head, plus has additional hitting force because to its 88-gram weight.

The Z-Star Control 88 is a racquet designed for advanced players who want to focus on pure power. The robust shaft, paired with the frame’s head balance, generates all the power you require. Is is intended to overwhelm your opponent with powerful and steeper strikes. The stiffness of the racket has been substantially enhanced thanks to the new Miyazaki shaft.

The frame has been redesigned with integrated grommets to improve air penetration for increased power and maneuverability and the ultra-thin shaft improves air penetration and increases speed for greater power.

The firm flex and heavy head weight of this racquet, which is somewhat heavier than its rivals (88g), make it a power weapon for singles players.

Frame vibrations are reduced by the second generation Sonic Core technology. This improves the comfort and control of your racquet. This reduces vibrations when hitting the shuttlecock, allowing the player to strike harder. With the use of a special rubber composition that dampens vibration, you can improve the precision of your shots.





– Movement is more flexible
– Optimal maneuverability
– better precision
– Hitting power is maximised

In conclusion, the Dunlop Z-Star Power 88 badminton racquet is a great choice for advanced attacking players, providing more power and precision to their shots.


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