There are a number of things to consider when buying a badminton net such as durability, strength, overall quality, price, and whether or not it meets the official regulations of badminton. With these things in mind and with the numerous nets available in the market, buying the perfect badminton net can be a daunting task. Our goal is to help you choose your net by narrowing down your choices to our Top 5 Badminton Nets:

Our Top 5:

  1. Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set
  2. Vermont Badminton Nets
  3. Champion Sports 18-Ply Nylon Badminton Net
  4. FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set
  5. MAVIS LAVEN Portable Badminton Net

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The badminton net can be natural or synthetic. The netting line should be fine, dark-colored cord, and of even thickness with a mesh not less than 15 mm nor more than 20 mm. The dimensions of the net must be 2.5 feet tall and 20 feet wide. A white, folded, 3-inch wide tape must form the top edge of the badminton net with a cord running through the tape to hold the net. The net should be 1.55 meters (5 ft 1 inch) high at the edges and 1.524 meters (5 ft) high in the center. The net posts are placed over the doubles sidelines.


Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set

The Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is perfect for parties, camping, and family holidays. It is made of superior quality nylon to avoid tear and painted rust-resistant steel to ensure lifetime durability. The poles are also made with 50% thicker steel than the nearest competitors. With its sturdy construction, you can use it both indoors and outdoors without worries. This freestanding net is held together with an innovative bungee-cord design that allows you to set it up on any flat surface. You won’t need to untangle ropes and pound stakes into the ground. You can easily set it in your backyard, driveway, gym, and basement, and even on the beach! Read our full review on Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set here.

Vermont Badminton Nets

Vermont Badminton Net

Vermont Badminton Nets are tournament-grade badminton nets specifically manufactured to conform to match regulations set by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). These nets are available in two sizes; 20ft and 24ft – both suitable for singles and doubles badminton. The smaller 20ft version is better suited to tournament play. These nets feature a premium-grade nylon construction that has roped overlocked edges for increase strength. The nets have a 19mm knotted mesh and will deliver exceptional longevity. The net headband is created using a PVC coated fabric and features a dual-stitching for increased strength and enhanced durability. These badminton nets can be used for competitive matches as they are created to a professional specification. Each badminton net comes with a high-quality material cord to allow you to secure the net to your posts with ease. Brimming with professional quality, these premium badminton nets are compatible with all standard badminton posts.


  • Professional Badminton Nets [2 Sizes] – Conforming with BWF for tournament use
  • Both lengths (20ft & 24ft) can be used for competitive & social badminton matches
  • Badminton Nets crafted using braided nylon with overlocked edges (19mm mesh)
  • Headband is manufactured from PVC coated fabric & is dual-stitched for increased strength
  • Both badminton nets are an excellent choice for badminton clubs, schools & tournaments


“This net is of excellent quality, well constructed and is very visible to those that are playing. The shuttlecocks stop dead in their tracks and do not go through this net. I expect this net will last us for a long time!”

“This larger net fits the width of my garden perfectly and has encouraged family exercise

A popular choice amongst badminton clubs, schools & tournament organisers, these badminton nets are an excellent addition to any set-up.”


Champion Sports 18-Ply Nylon Badminton Net

The Champion Sports Badminton Net is an economy net that is designed and built for both recreational and competitive play. The Net features 18-ply 3/4in nylon square-mesh netting. It has a 1.5in headband and nylon rope cable.


  • 18-ply 3/4in nylon square-mesh netting
  • Headband: 1.5in
  • Square mesh netting: 3/4in
  • Dimensions: 21ft L x 2.5ft H
  • Nylon rope cable
  • Product Dimensions : 16.5 x 4 x 4 inches; 16 Ounces


“Love that it seems to be the real thing not a knock off. Also could be used for pool volleyball. Great purchase.”

“Use this badminton net in my daughters 18 x 33 above ground pool and it works great. Use it for volleyball and badminton.”

“Great product! Works great for my Club Badminton team at my college.”

Bring your playing to a new level with the Champion Sports 18-Ply Nylon Badminton Net!


FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set

The FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set is a multifunctional practice net constructed with stainless steel frame and high-quality net. This net features a sturdy and durable structure. It is made of ABS and four-way pip to prevent metal fatigue. Its high density 0.79×0.79 inch small mesh makes sure that there will be no stuck shuttlecocks. All tubes of the frame are joint with a high-elasticity bungee rope, which helps set the net up and take it down in a few minutes, with no tools required. Moving it from one location to another is also without any hassle because it comes with a carrying bag that is lightweight and convenient to carry. With an adjustable height/width design, you are free to set appropriate height or width.

This portable badminton net is ideal for adults and little kids’ causal playing and sports training. Aside from badminton, you can also play kids volleyball, soccer, and tennis on your backyards, indoor/outdoor court, beach, lawn, driveway, or any flat surface.


  • Multifunctional practice net constructed with stainless steel frame and high-quality net
  • Sturdy and durable structure
  • With high density 0.79×0.79 inch small mesh to make sure that there will be no stuck shuttlecocks
  • With an adjustable height/width design
  • Ideal for adults & little kids causal playing and sports training
  • Setup/Takedown in minutes. No tools required
  • Easy to carry around

FBSPORT Portable Badminton Nets


“I have been playing badminton with this portable net for three times, which is of good quality. I saw the same one in the supermarket before, which is much more expensive than this one. The delivery is also very good.  I am satisfied with this purchase.”

“We wanted a badminton net which is something simple for home rec use and this net is doing a good job. So easy to put together that we worried it might be to flimsy but worked great. Compact sized for 1-1 small group game.”

“It is easy to set up and disassemble in few mins without any tools, the reason why i chose it is because it’s good for badminton, tennis and volleyball, good for all families. i love its adjustable height which is convenience. it came with stands which is sturdy and durable structure, the net has small mesh to make sure no stuck balls. it is a great idea to have it to keep all the families moving and playing together.”

FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set is an awesome net set that can go anywhere!


MAVIS LAVEN Portable Badminton Net

The MAVIS LAVEN Portable Badminton Net is an outdoor badminton tournament net for your schoolyard and backyard sports-entertainment training. This durable high-quality knot-less net features a standard square mesh with 2.5 * 2.5 cm (1 * 1 inch) and comes in two colors, red and green. It also features a multi-functional design. It can be used as a tennis rack or as a children’s and adult badminton racks to meet the needs of different groups of people. This net set is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. You can play your favorite game whether in the gym, backyard, parks, squares, grasslands, or beach. You can easily set up and take down in just a few minutes. It’s portable and lightweight design make it so convenient to carry. MAVIS LAVEN Portable Badminton Net is guaranteed for long-lasting use.


  • Knot-less net for durability and good quality.
  • Standard square mesh with 2.5 * 2.5 cm (1 * 1 inch).
  • Multi-functional design
  • Easily set up and take down in just few minutes.
  • Designed for convenient storage and portability.
  • Play badminton anywhere you want, great for backyard, gym, park, etc.


  • Condition: Brand New
  • Main Material: Polypropylene Fiber  
  • Optional Color: Red, Green
  • Dimension: Approx. 6.5 * 0.5 m / 21.3 * 1.6 ft
  • Weight: Approx. 140 – 192 g 

Play badminton anywhere you want with MAVIS LAVEN Portable Badminton Net!

Enjoy your badminton games with any of our Top 5 Badminton Nets!