What Is The Old Name Of Badminton?

What Is The Old Name Of Badminton? Badminton is a sport with a very long history. Before it was termed badminton, the sport’s history dates back over 2,000 years. Badminton has a long and rich history, although the formal regulations were not formed until around 130 years ago. There was the “old” badminton and the […]

Benefits of Badminton

Benefits of Badminton With over 300 million active players globally, badminton is one of the most famous sport. Because it is practiced equally by men and women of all ages and ability levels, the sport’s health and social advantages are numerous.   If you have the opportunity to choose only one activity, you might want […]

Badminton Rules

Badminton Rules Just like any other sport, badminton also has its rules to be followed by the players to easily determine the winner of each match. Over the course of time, these rules have undergone some revisions by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to purposely enhance the fun and thrill that the players experience. General […]


TOP 5 NYLON BADMINTON SHUTTLECOCKS The Badminton Shuttlecock, also known as the Badminton bird or birdies, is a conical-shaped projectile used in badminton. Without a shuttlecock, playing a badminton game will not be possible. A shuttlecock is made of overlapping feathers embedded into a rounded cork base. The feathers are usually goose or duck, but they can […]


TOP 5 BADMINTON RACkETS In badminton, the most important equipment is your badminton racquet.   There are a few things you need to consider in choosing your badminton racquets, such as the weight, string tension, head balance, handgrip, the brand, and your budget. Your racquet should also match your playing skills. Choosing the most suitable […]


Best Badminton Nets

TOP 5 BADMINTON SETS Badminton is not only a fun and engaging game, but it also offers physical, mental, and social benefits. Whether it’s in singles or doubles, this timeless classic yard game can be enjoyed by all ages, whether a beginner, intermediate, or a professional player. We don’t want you missing out on the […]


TOP 5 BADMINTON NETS OUR TOP 5:   Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set Vermont Badminton Net Champion Sports 18-Ply Nylon Badminton Net MAVIS LAVEN Portable Badminton Net   When buying a badminton set the first choice you need to make is whether you want a free standing portable badminton net […]


TOP 6 FEATHER BADMINTON SHUTTLECOCKS Feather badminton shuttlecocks are made of natural duck or goose feathers. Compared to Nylon shuttlecocks, they are usually of much higher quality and are much smoother to play with. They are also more accurate and require less power to hit than nylon shuttlecocks. Their design allows for a much higher degree […]