Badminton Smashes And Clears: What's The Difference?

In badminton, smashes and clears are both important types of shots that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents. However, they are different in terms of their trajectory, speed, and purpose.


A smash is a powerful and aggressive shot that is hit downwards and steeply towards the opponent’s court. It is typically used when the shuttlecock is hit high and allows the player to aim for a winner or force a weak return. The smash is often hit with a lot of power and speed, and requires the player to have good technique and timing to execute it effectively.



On the other hand, a clear is a defensive shot that is hit high and deep towards the opponent’s backcourt. The purpose of a clear is to create space and time for the player to get back into position and prepare for the next shot. A clear is usually hit with less power than a smash, but with more height and distance, which makes it more difficult for the opponent to attack.


Badminton Smashes and Clears

Clears and smashes differ in terms of the point of contact with the shuttle. When hitting a clear, the shuttle is contacted directly above the right shoulder, while for a smash, the contact point is slightly in front of the body. The reason for this is that smashes are directed downwards, whereas clears are directed upwards. 

In conclusion, the main differences between a smash and a clear in badminton are the direction and speed of the shot, as well as their purpose in the game. While a smash is an aggressive shot aimed at winning the point outright, a clear is a more defensive shot used to gain time and space on the court.


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