Getting Started In Badminton - Badminton Equipment and Gear

This article will go through the important badminton equipment and gear that beginners should consider purchasing to get started on the right foot. We have everything from rackets to shoes and everything in between. So, let’s get started and look at the must-have equipment for badminton novices.

Those who are unfamiliar with badminton sometimes confuse it with tennis since both games are played with a stringed racket. Nonetheless, these sports are very different from one another. A shuttlecock is struck over the net with a little, isometric-shaped racket in badminton, as opposed to a massive, oval-shaped racquet in tennis.

The four fundamental pieces of badminton equipment and gear required to get started are listed below.

Badminton Equipment and Gear - what you need to get started in badminton

1. badminton racket

A racket is the most crucial piece of equipment—or, more specifically, the top piece of equipment—required to play badminton. Rackets are designed with a certain playing style in mind, and their price and quality vary accordingly. Badminton rackets are frequently made of steel or carbon fiber composite, which makes them stronger and last longer. Lighter rackets perform significantly better than heavy rackets. A decent racket should weigh between 71 and 90 grams.

The expensive, seldom produced rackets are made of wood due to its weight and features. Nonetheless, excellent badminton rackets in a range of designs are now available on the market.

Choosing the most accurate racket style for you might seem intimidating, however we have the perfect guide for you: How To Choose A Badminton Racket

The best racket for beginners: 

2. Shuttlecocks

The birdie, or shuttlecock, is struck with the racket to move it from one side of the net to the other. A conical-shaped shuttle is produced with an aerodynamic design. These shuttlecocks are composed of either nylon or genuine goose feathers. The fiber-made shuttle is high-quality and robust. A birdie should be purchased based on how you play. The cork end of any type of shuttle is held in place by a leather or synthetic cover.

A shuttlecock weighs between 4.75 and 5.50g. A shuttle has 16 feathers, each measuring between 62 and 70 mm in length, with a cork that is between 25 and 28 mm in diameter.

See our list of the top 5 badminton shuttlecocks of 2023 here: Top 5 Badminton Shuttlecocks of 2023


Getting Started In Badminton - Equipment and Gear- badminton equipment list

3. Badminton Shoes

The shoes a player wears throughout a game are crucial to elevating their performance to the next level. Players in badminton have to walk about the court a lot, which puts a lot of strain on their feet. As a result, they need shoes that are flexible, comfortable, and have a very excellent grip.

The following considerations should be made when purchasing badminton shoes:

  • Should be adaptable and aid in efficient footwork.
  • Serve as a shock absorber.
  • They ought to be sturdy.


The most important of these qualities is that the shoes should be light, as a badminton player cannot go around the court swiftly and efficiently in heavier shoes.

Want to find out the best shoes for badminton? See our blog: Which Yonex Shoe Is Best For Badminton?

4. Badminton Attire

Badminton players often wear shorts or a skirt with a light t-shirt while discussing the sport’s wardrobe. When playing badminton, you shouldn’t wear long sleeve shirts, tracksuit trousers, or even anything made of cotton, such cotton t-shirts or shorts. Here are some essential pieces of badminton attire:


  • socks for athletics made of high-quality cotton.
  • skirt or athletic shorts
  • a simple T-shirt
  • badminton shoes for grip


Sometimes people wear wristbands and sweatbands. They are not required, but they may be helpful because badminton players frequently perspire.


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