Badminton Drop Shot: Basics, Types, Techniques and Training

What is a badminton drop shot?

A badminton drop shot is a shot in which the shuttlecock is struck softly and gently over the net from the rear court, landing just over the opponent’s side of the court, near the net. A drop shot is intended to cause the shuttlecock to fall swiftly on the opponent’s forecourt, making it harder for them to retrieve and return it.


The Two Types Of Drop Shots In Badminton

Forehand drop shot: The shuttlecock is struck using a forehand grip and stroke. To make the shuttlecock drop softly over the net, the player must move their racket and body forward with a rapid flick of the wrist.

Backhand drop shot: The shuttlecock is struck using the backhand grip and stroke in a backhand drop shot. To make the shuttlecock fall over the net, the player must utilize their wrist and forearm to provide a soft contact with a brief follow-through.

Drop shots demand a lot of control, precision, and touch, making them difficult to perfect. Beginners and intermediate players, on the other hand, may enhance their drop shot methods and add this stroke to their arsenal of badminton skills with practice.

Technique to execute a basic badminton drop shot

  1. Start in the ready position, with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and racket held in front of you.
  2. Watch your opponent’s position and movement: Before completing a drop shot, you must first study your opponent’s position and movement. A drop shot might catch your opponent off surprise if they are stationed too far back from the goal or if they are expecting a deep shot.
  3. Racket grip: Use a loose grip to hold your racket high above your head, with the head of the racket slanted slightly backward.
  4. Transfer your weight to your rear foot and drive your body forward towards the net. This will assist you in producing greater force and control for your drop shot.
  5. Contact point: When the shuttlecock is close to the net, make touch with it with a slight tap or push of your racket. To make the shuttlecock drop over the net at a sharp angle, strike it as early as possible, just before it begins to descend.
  6. Follow-through: After making contact with the shuttlecock, let your racket follow through the shot smoothly and gently.
  7. Return to ready position: Go back to your ready position immediately after performing the drop shot, since your opponent will most likely try to return the shuttlecock with a drop shot or a net shot.

A soft touch and a gentle tap on the shuttlecock are essential for performing a successful drop shot. If you use too much strength or hit the shuttlecock too hard, it will go too deep, allowing your opponent an opportunity to return the shot. You may enhance your drop shot technique and make it an useful component of your badminton game with practice and patience.

Training drills to improve your dropshot

Target Practice: Put up a target near the net on the other team’s side of the court and practice shooting drop shots that land within the target. This workout will help you improve your drop shot precision and control.

Shadowing: Shadowing is a method in which you practice your footwork and shot technique without actually striking the shuttlecock. Drop shot shadowing is achieved by hitting a drop shot and then swiftly returning to your ready position. Perform this practice multiple times, paying close attention to your footwork and technique.

Net shot and drop shot combination: Practice hitting a net shot followed immediately by a drop shot. This workout will help you improve your response speed and ability to switch shots rapidly.

Drop shot game: With your training partner or instructor, play a game in which you only hit drop shots. This will help you enhance your decision-making abilities as well as your ability to perform drop shots under duress.

Interval training: Interval training can help you increase endurance and stamina for drop shots. For example, after 30 seconds of drop shots, take a 30-second rest before continuing the practice.

Badminton Drop Shot

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